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Marijuana was his idol … Using it was his source of joy, dealing it was the source of income. He enjoyed this lifestyle until he encountered someone.

 Paul Amendola spent 25 years using and dealing marijuana. But when a “Christian junkie” friend brought him to church something changed in his heart. After accepting Jesus Paul didn’t know how to quite the lifestyle he has become so used to. He asked God for help. After his house was broken in to and his marijuana stolen twice, Paul says God caught his attention.

 After giving up a drug-centered life, Paul turned to serving God and telling others about Jesus. He has experienced a miraculous encounter in Nepal that showed Him that God had a greater purpose for him. Paul will share why dealing hope, not drugs, has become the greater purpose in his life on this episode of Limitless Spirit.

 4:36 – Paul’s childhood and growing up in a large Italian household

 7:37 – Drugs ruled Paul’s life and more about his experiences with marijuana

 10:44 – Paul meets a “Christian junkie” who brought him to church, and soon after Paul gave his life to Christ

 13:27 – Paul realizes he needs God’s help to get out of the drug dealing business and out of his addiction

 18:34 – Getting involved at church and first feeling the call to go into missions

 22:55 – Paul experiences a miracle in Nepal

 26:39 – Leading a man to Christ at the Pyramids in Egypt

 29:05 – Paul’s greater purpose in life

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