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“I knew church. I knew the motions to go through… but I didn’t know Jesus.”

Eric Scott was a stereotypical, rebellious pastor’s kid who looked good on the outside. On the inside, he was searching for his own identity separate from his parent’s faith and work. That led him to make some poor decisions in college that led him to a breaking point.

But God used everything Eric went through to bring him into a relationship with Christ. Eric finally began to understand the meaning of grace and mercy, and he entered into a journey of discovering God’s love.

After getting married, starting a family, and doing ministry work years later, Eric had to go through another journey of discovery. This time, God needed to teach him that the love of Jesus was not dependent on his performance.

As the Associate Director of Campus Ministry at The King’s University in Texas, Eric now spends a lot of his time teaching the next generation the hard lessons that God showed him. He’s got plenty of good insight to share about his life, and some powerful words of wisdom about Gen Z that you won’t want to miss in this episode.

2:36 – Eric talks about being the stereotypical rebellious “preacher’s kid” and discusses how a lack of personal identity can lead children to rebel against their parent’s faith

6:49 – Eric’s parents shoot down his idea about being involved with basketball at a state university, so he goes to Bible college instead

9:03 – Struggling with substance addiction and theft while he was in college, Eric eventually begins a real relationship with Jesus

13:50 – Coming to a true understanding of God’s grace and mercy

16:46 – Eric explains why in 2013, he realized he was an “unbelieving believer” who knew the Gospel but not the grace of Christ

21:40 – The journey with Jesus is becoming and knowing who we are in light of who Jesus is

26:29 – Eric’s powerful perspective on Gen Z and how God can use them to change the world for Him

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