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You can be a person of faith and still have doubts. It may not rob you of your salvation but sometimes life with doubts makes you feel like you live in a swamp.

The guest of this episode Alan Bullock explores the subject of doubt and how to get rid of it in his latest book “Doubt”.

Alan Bullock is an author, counselor, minister of the Gospel and an executive at Daystar Television Network, but in his youth he was an atheist and a drug addict who was introduced to Jesus by his incarcerated brother-in-law.

Since then he’s seen God work miraculously many times in his life… from the miracle the healing a blind woman that Alan prayed for, to the way in which he met and married his wife in Communist Soviet Union.

And yet, even with miracles happening his life, Alan sometimes still had doubts. In his book he addresses nine different ways in which we doubt God, our circumstances, and ourselves. It’s filled with powerful insights about what we can do in the midst of our doubt. He’ll share more about the book and his amazing personal testimony on this episode of Limitless Spirit.

You can find out more about he and his wife Anoosh’s ministry work at their website and pre-order the book at

3:40 – Alan’s background included time in the military, drug addiction, and receiving some attention-catching letters from his brother-in-law who was in prison

5:36 – Alan witnesses his brother-in-law’s baptism after being released but then overdoses for the third time in his life and almost died… these experiences finally led him to surrender his life to Christ

10:18 – The healing of a teenager with blindness and what Alan believes about miracles

14:24 – The impetus for Alan to write his upcoming book, “Doubt”

19:20 – Alan’s theology about doubt, why you’re not alone in doubting God, and how to handle doubt

22:37 – How Alan met and married his wife Anoosh

25:00 – More insights from Alan on doubt and the things he addresses in his book

30:48 – “Reach out for Jesus… and your life will change.”

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