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“Never forget: the Gospel changes people’s lives, wherever you are.”

Marty MacDonald is a pastor in western New York. At age 65, he’s seen God do some incredible things throughout his ministry career. But Marty’s still expecting that his greater purpose is still to come.

From overcoming an abusive home situation, to starting a house church with really no formal plan, to traveling around the world doing missions work, Marty’s life is a testimony of the faithfulness, love, and power of Jesus Christ. We’re happy to have Marty as our guest on this episode of Limitless Spirit, and hope you’ll be encouraged by the stories he’s going to share.

4:18 – Growing up in western New York area with an alcoholic, abusive father and losing two siblings

7:49 – Marty’s life turns around after his girlfriend’s dad made him go to church and he gave his heart to Christ after hearing an evangelist give an altar call

10:45 – How Marty started the journey to become “Pastor Marty,” including working at various ministries and starting a successful house church

14:27 – Marty gives glory to God for his life story

15:30 – “I don’t think I’ve yet touched my greatest purpose” and why Marty knows God still has amazing things ahead in his life

20:11 – Marty talks about being called to get involved with missions work

23:38 – Street evangelism in France

26:11 – The importance of unity and connection at a time when division and COVID-19 is keeping Christians divided and separated

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