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As a little girl, Kris Repp had a dream to be a missionary doctor to French-speaking Africa. She was not a Christian at the time.

In her teen and young adult years, Kris was a long way from living out that dream. Although she’d learned about God by reading the New Testament, Kris was addicted to drugs and alcohol. And on top of that, she began binging and purging her food.

The struggle with her eating disorder lasted for almost 20 years, even after she began following Jesus and found freedom from her other addictions. The shame and secrecy were a horrible burden to bear. Looking back Kris says there was a reason for her suffering.

On this episode of Limitless Spirit, Kris will share the moment that become a turning point in her battle with anorexia and bulimia, and how her childhood missionary dream came true.

Kris has had many exciting adventures on the mission field, including the opportunity to share the Gospel with a king on his death bed. Enjoy this powerful story of healing and hope!

2:53 – Grandmother was an example of Christian faith, but ultimately Kris became rebellious and dove into sin and addiction

5:25 – Kris goes to France and starts learning about God, but after returning to the USA, her old lifestyle came back in full force

8:48 – How Kris overcame her addictions and eventually her eating disorder (but not before suffering with it for 20 years)

13:43 – Kris finally accepts God’s unconditional love for her and starts believing that Jesus could make her free

18:30 – Struggling with brokenness with Kris’s prep for the mission field

20:53 – Kris shares about her work in foreign missions, starting in Central America and then in Africa

27:00 – The story of Kris sharing about Jesus with the Muslim king of a nomadic tribe in Africa

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