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What does it mean to truly walk with the Lord, even when one grows up in the church? This episode’s guest is Josh Anderson. Josh had a rocky start as a teen and discovered God’s transforming power when he was delivered completely from heavy drug use. He continued to break the rules of convention by dating a girl who was an atheist. In his case the “missionary dating” worked.  In this episode Josh shares about an almost failed missionary assignment to Japan, why he declined the opportunity to be famous and what he has learned in the process about truly pursuing God.

– 2:14 Josh shares about his time and the story leading up to his appearance on the show “The Chosen”

– 9:36 Josh talks on his upbringing in the church, but how he had to learn to have his own walk with Christ. It wasn’t until he did that, he was able to have freedom from an addiction to drugs.

– 15:04 There can be many woes to missionary dating, however, Josh shares a success story of how the Lord brought him and his now wife together in a beautiful way

– 21:33 Josh shares on the Lord calling him and his wife to Japan to do missions work and share the gospel.

– 29:08 “The story of humanity is God saving us from idolatry… of trusting things other than God.” says josh in his closing words.

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