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On this episode of the Limitless Spirit podcast, you’ll hear DeAnna Moore’s story.

In her young adulthood she struggled with mental illness, alcoholism, and the tragic consequences of the lifestyle that went along with substance abuse. Only later in life she found out that her father was not the man who raised her and that she was subject to sever abuse as an infant due to generational sins and secrets in her family.

 But it wasn’t God’s plan for DeAnna to be stuck in her misery forever. He directed her through series of encounters to get involved with AA and set her on the path to become a nurse.  More importantly, Jesus Christ began to heal DeAnna once she began a relationship with Him. Then, she found her greater purpose in life – to serve God as a medical missionary.

 3:21 – DeAnna’s childhood struggles with her family and mental health

 7:20 – Trying and “failing miserably, over and over again” to get through life on her own strength leads DeAnna to terrible addiction and patterns of abuse

 8:39 – Because of all she went through, DeAnna finds Christ but continues to battle her sinful nature

 11:02 – Getting diagnosed as an alcoholic, going to AA, beginning to turn her life around

 14:28 – DeAnna’s path to becoming a nurse, finding her biological father, facing the generational sins of her family, and marrying her “true love”

 21:29 – The origins of DeAnna’s missionary focus and stories from her journeys

 25:55 – How her life has changed and how she’s found her greater purpose

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