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He was on his way to stardom in show business, opening concerts for Elvis Presley at the age of 17, but inside Warren Cook was empty, angry and self-centered.

Though he did not believe in God, God believed in Warren. He arranged an encounter that changed Warren Cooks life, career and even his personality.

Warren Cook is our guest today, and the first story to kick off a new series we’re starting here on Limitless Spirit: “Changed Lives Change Lives.” Because once Jesus changes you, it’s impossible to keep it to yourself. You want others to experience the same thing.

3:39 – “I was a mess.” Warren shares about the brokenness he grew up in, his singing ability, and getting into drugs as a teenager which destroyed his life

6:07 – In high school, Warren joined a song & dance group called The Young Americans and got to perform with Elvis and other big name acts

8:35 – The sad reality of behind-the-scenes in the entertainment industry and how Warren got hooked on drugs

11:55 – “Maybe God’s real?” Warren starts to read the Bible and learn about Jesus

13:43 – Warren’s personality before he knew Jesus was self-centered and inward focused. But then his brother helped him get saved, and everything changed.

16:45 – The start of Warren’s new life began with an improbable and incredible trip from California to Texas

21:25 – Being sensitive to the needs and hurts of people around us

23:08 – A story of how Warren helped a couple hand off their Latin American ministry to their son

28:27 – The importance of knowing and using your spiritual gifts
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