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Nate Allen grew up in a Christian home and said the sinner’s prayer when he was five years old. He went to Bible college and worked as a youth pastor. But Nate did not personally know Jesus… until he met Him in a bar.

Nate had drifted from God after his son was born stillborn, his marriage broke up, and he began living a party lifestyle. And when Nate hit rock bottom, Jesus was right there to show him a different way. After discovering the intimacy with Christ, Nate has been transformed and is now living out his greater purpose: to follow Christ and pursuing his long-lost dream. He shares his encouraging story on this episode of Limitless Spirit.

3:08 – Nate’s church background and “accidental” salvation story

7:30 – His life is torn between desire to please his family and desire to taste sin

10:30 – Nate tries to fill the void in his life with material things

12:50 – While having a beer at a bar Nate is asked a question “do you know who Jesus is?”

15:10 – Nate witnesses to a town drunk but realizes he lacks the intimate knowledge of who Christ is

17:57 – Nate’s life begins to change, and his long-lost dream is revived

22:24 – God performs a healing miracle through Nate’s prayer

24:45 – What is Nate’s greater purpose in life? And how has he changed now that he’s truly a child of God?

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