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Every child needs to be loved and to know what love is. Unfortunately, JoAnn Wolfe didn’t grow up that way. Her parents were too broken themselves to give her proper love and nurture.
JoAnn’s first experience with church at the age of fifteen wasn’t positive either. After having to practically raise herself she felt like church was all about rules and “do’s” and “don’t’s”. It wasn’t until later in life JoAnn read a certain verse in the Bible that revealed to her God as the loving father she had never had. From that point on her life began to change, and more recently she has discovered her greater purpose through medical missions and also sharing with other the love she once thought was never meant for her.

On this episode of Limitless Spirit, JoAnn will share her powerful testimony and some of her God-ordained experiences on the mission field. This is the latest installment of our “Greater Purpose” series.

3:20 – JoAnn’s childhood was filled with issues and “no stability or home life”

6:26 – JoAnn is abused by her stepfather and then eventually meets her real father and starts to live with him and his new family

9:14 – Experience going to church and the seed of “something better” is sown… but it wasn’t focused on the love of God

13:03 – JoAnn’s  life is changed by a verse that made God’s love real to her

15:59 – The desire for missions work and giving love to others begins to grow in JoAnn’s heart

19:54 – How God used JoAnn’s knowledge as a nurse and her painful past to touch lives in Serbia and Thailand

24:54 – How JoAnn’s life has changed as she’s found her greater purpose in doing missions work

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