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Becoming a victim of injustice is beyond one’s control but developing a victim mindset is not. What does it look like to choose to be a victor instead of a victim? Why has victimization culture become so prominent in the United States? This week, we discuss these topics, along with inner healing, forgiveness, and finding power through surrender to Christ.

In this episode of the Limitless Spirit Podcast, our host Helen Todd interviews a popular TV personality, Cynthia Garrett. She is an author, producer, evangelist, and the first African American woman to host a major network’s late-night TV show. In this episode, you’ll hear about Cynthia’s career journey, why she decided to face her brokenness caused by sexual abuse and social injustice, and how you can choose victory over victimization.

You can find Cynthia Garrett’s Girl Club at:

4:45 How Cynthia became the first African American woman to host a major network’s late-night TV show.

9:35 Cynthia recounts the different times that she felt victimized.

11:00 How to deal with the pain that injustice causes.

12:35 The reason why Cynthia decided to confront her brokenness.

15:34 Practical steps to pursue inner healing.

16:55 Why has the victim mentality become so popular?

18:40 “Forgiveness is the key.”

23:20 Cynthia’s work as executive producer on an upcoming movie with Darren Wilson.

25:00 All about Girl Club – Cynthia’s weekly real discussion with real women of God.

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