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On the fourth episode in the “Greater Purpose” series, Sheila Ruffin shares how she began a whole new life in Christ after healing from childhood trauma.

 Even after accepting Christ as a Savior, Sheila struggled with addictions and depression for years until God led her on a journey to discover what was broken inside of her. The pain of losing her father in the Vietnam War, losing her mother to mental illness, and being molested by relatives was almost too much to bear. But when Sheila allowed Jesus to heal her, she discovered her greater purpose in life

 Sheila reveals what it took to heal the brokenness and depression. She shares how while dealing with the challenges of menopause she started a new life, and why today she feels so happy and alive on this episode of Limitless Spirit.

 3:36 – Sheila talks about her painful childhood, including her father’s death and mother’s mental illness

 7:21 – Sexual abuse and trauma caused her to run away, then she met her future husband

 9:40 – Sheila’s relationship with Jesus started at a tent revival

 12:50 – Jesus helped Sheila overcome her addiction to porn, but she still struggled with fear and depression

 17:12 – Sheila’s true healing journey begins

 19:50 – How Sheila’s “new life” of missions work first began / hearing the call to go to Iraq

 24:57 – Sheila shares why her new life brought her true happiness and how God is using her past to help others
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