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There is a deep divide in our society over the issue of reopening the economies versus continuing lockdowns and thus keeping people safe.

Who is right? What is a moral responsibility of a Christian when faced with this dilemma? What must we do to help ourselves while contributing to the well-being of the society in the face of COVID-19 pandemic?

Our guest if Phillip Todd, economic policy analyst for the US Senate, leadership team member of the National Economists Club and a committed Christian.

He shares his thoughts on both sides of the issue, addresses some of the conflicting economic relief policies and quotes one of his favorite verses to guide the process of deciding.

Quote: “What is best for you is not a government decision”

3:07 His view why both sides of the issue are valid

4:31 He shares what is the right approach to moving forward amidst the COVID-19 pandemic

5:29 His thoughts on how to apply “sound mind” in the process of deciding what is right for you

9:00 He addresses the conflict between the two relief policies

14:58 He discuss personal responsibility as a moral objective for a Christian

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