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In light of the current COVID-19 epidemic and the infestation of desert locusts in Africa, many Christians find themselves asking what the mission of the church is during these challenging times. How can people offer hope, truth, and love during times of adversity? To help us bring out that hidden potential in each of us, we talked to Rabbi Kirt Schneider.

Rabbi Kirt Schneider is a Christian Jewish believer and the host of the popular television program “Discovering the Jewish Jesus.” He has also authored several books including “Experiencing the Supernatural: How to Saturate You Life with the Power and Presence of God” and “Self-Deliverance: How to Gain Victory Over the Powers of Darkness.”

Join us in today’s episode and discover how you can unleash the power within you and use it for God’s glory!

Key Takeaways
05:04 What is the greater purpose for the church and every Christian especially in today’s challenging times?
07:20 The relevant way to peach the Gospel
11:04 What does it take for a Christian to walk at a higher level
14:39 Helen’s takeaway from the episode

“The gospel needs to be preached but it needs to be preached in a way that is relevant and makes Jesus real to people.”
“I think the relevant way demands discernment.”
“The Gospel principles are never changed.”
“God is looking for somebody to love Him back.”
“A love for Jesus is not a feeling. It’s a decision.”

Learn more about Rabbi Kirt Schneider and check out his newest book here:

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