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Statistics show that only 8% of people achieve the goals they have set for themselves. Even those who actively pursue their goals often find themselves struggling with disappointment and dissatisfaction.
Dr. Deb Gorton, the author of the book “Embracing Uncomfortable: Facing your fears while pursuing your purpose” believes that it happens because we often confuse our goals with our life’s purpose.
In this episode we talk about how embracing uncomfortable helps us not only discover our authentic selves and our core values, but also identify the purpose that was intended for us by God. We discuss what God-defined purpose is and is not, the importance of our habits, the dangers hidden in expectations and some practical ways of discovering our purpose.
1:48 Dr. Deb talks about the difference between “world-defined” and “God-defined” purpose
5:06 We discuss why defining life’s purpose is so important
6:06 How our habits influence our lives
7:28 Why expectations, our own and of others, can be dangerous
10:25 Practical steps in pursuing life’s purpose
12:56 Dr. Deb shares the lessons she learned in the process of embracing uncomfortable

“My purpose transcends situations or relationships I am involved in”
“Achieve goals that align with your purpose”
“Once we embrace our core identity, we no longer have to justify our existence”

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