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Josepha Mbouma’s family came to the United States from Cameroon with God’s divine help. Though Josepha grew up in a Christian home, the most important thing in her life was always basketball. She had dreams of being a star athlete and achieved the impressive feat of being an NCAA Division 1 basketball player. But the highs and lows of being a college athlete led Josepha to question God and his plans for her life. And today she is thankful that happened because it reshaped her relationship with Christ.

 Now out of college, Josepha works for national Community Church in Washington DC and coaches a high school basketball team. She is living out her greater purpose by pouring into the lives of young women around her. Josepha’s sharing her story on this episode of Limitless Spirit. This is the third episode in our “Greater Purpose” series.

 2:44 – Coming to the USA and her love of basketball

 6:05 – How she became a player on a Division 1 basketball team at Elon University

 8:40 – Being on a college team didn’t turn out exactly how she was picturing

 11:40 – Processing her identity and greater purpose, on and off the basketball court

 13:30 – Going back to visit Cameroon and growing in her relationship with God

 15:30 – Seeing how God works and how He’s using her to help other people through missions work, mentoring, and coaching

 20:55 – Learning that life is a daily surrender of control and our will to God’s control and God’s will

 21:21 – What Josepha thinks a greater purpose in life is

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