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How can the church advance God’s kingdom and see His will be done on earth, and how can we be equipped to fulfill the Great Commission?

To answer this question, our host Helen Todd talks with Dale Partridge, who leads a house church planting ministry and a seminary for house church planters. Dale is also an author and hosts “Real Christianity”, a weekly podcast where he discusses difficult theological and pastoral questions.

In this episode, we hear about what the Kingdom of God is, what the mission of the church is, and why house churches may be a solution to some of the challenges we’re facing.

7:20 – What is the most important mission of the church today?

10:40 – Why have we moved away from pursuing the great commission in the church?

16:20 – House churches as a potential solution to the problems that we see.

22:15 – Blending house church and traditional church

25:40 – What is the mission of individuals in the church?

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