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The world is preparing for a gradual re-opening of the economy, but do we have this pandemic under control? Are we ready to go back to our normal lives without the fear of going through another shut down soon down the road?

Today’s guest Dr Richard Bartlett from Odessa, TX feels that the current approach to COVID-19 pandemic in the US has two major flaws that prevent us from successfully moving forward.

Dr. Bartlett, MD has practiced medicine for 26 years, served as medical Director of public and private ambulance services, hospitals, and emergency rooms. He is the recipient of the Meritorious Service Award from the Texas Health and Human Services Commission. In the 2002 he was appointed by the Governor of Texas for a two-year assignment on Texas Health Disparities Task force as the advisor to the Governor, Lt. Governor, and the Speaker of the House on improving access to quality healthcare for all Texans. He has been CBS News Medical Expert of West Texas for 20 years.

In this episode he talks with the host Helen Todd about what is the key difference between COVID 19 and all the other viruses known in history, why the current approach to tackling the pandemic can’t produce results, what are the major obstacles to his successful treatment of the patients and shares the example of a patient who has suffered as a result of the flawed approach.

Key Takeaways

02:58 Why this health crisis is unlike any others he has experienced in his lifetime

04:24 What makes COVID-19 so unique from any other virus in history

09:23 Why he believes the current CDC criteria for testing is flawed

11:42 Example of how the flawed criteria for testing produces dangerous results

15:08 What specifically makes COVID-19 deadly

16:33 What is the right approach to testing

19:40 What are the main obstacles he faces in treating patients with COVID-19

21:40 The obstacles his patients face in getting tested

22:00 The obstacles he faces in providing treatment for patients

26:00 Story of a patient who was refused testing which led to her being on a ventilator in the hospital

Current CDC guidelines for testing and treating COVID-19

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