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In Matthew chapter 13, Jesus teaches the parable of the wheat and the tares. But what does this passage mean, and how does it apply to us today?

Host Helen Todd interviews her father-in-law, Dr. Cecil Todd is the founder of Revival Fires Ministries and an evangelist who has been sharing the Gospel across the world for 72 years. In the seven decades of ministry, Dr Todd has traveled to all 50 states and 22 countries to preach the message of Christianity. In 1966, Todd launched a nationwide television program called ‘Revival Fires’. The television show was picked up by as many as 200 stations and ran for 20 years. Todd produced 900, 30-minute episodes. Todd has also counseled two presidents, President Ronald Reagan and President Gerald Ford. President Reagan was also featured on one of Todd’s television specials.

In the episode they discuss the passage and what he has learned while pursuing God’s will in his 90 years of life, and why he would like to see four kinds of people experience hell.

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8:40 – “Every challenge has God in it”

9:50 – What are things that don’t work when pursuing God’s will?

12:40 – The weeds and the wheat

17:12 – What are the four types of people he would like to visit hell

22:54 – What are things that do work when pursuing God’s will?

27:00 – The most difficult challenge that Dr. Cecil has had to overcome

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