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Even if you are a person of faith, dealing with setbacks and overcoming obstacles can become overwhelming at times. It is reassuring to know however that God is more powerful than any circumstances and will provide all the help you need if you just ask Him. This is something today’s guest can also attest to.

Danny Skaggs is the founder of Pharmacy Unlimited. He is also the author of the fascinating book “Prescription for Breakthrough: Applying Transformative Faith Principles to Your Biggest Challenges.” In the book, Danny chronicled the business challenges he encountered and how he successfully weathered them all through God’s help.

Tune in and be amazed by Danny’s extraordinary faith in God and discover how you too can apply his winning principles in your own life!

Key Takeaways
02:13 What inspired him to write the book and the people he wrote the book for
03:58 What “pivotal advantage” means
06:10 What he has learned from the trials he experienced
07:20 What he ended up doing unwittingly in his business
08:09 What he realized about the spiritual and the physical world
10:13 How he dealt with the “waiting period”
13:48 The fine line between waiting on God and not dealing with the problem
15:00 Three key ingredients to a breakthrough
17:15 Where to purchase “Prescription for Breakthrough”
17:45 Helen’s key takeaways

“It was by the hand of God that we were able to stay in business.”
“Do things God’s way and you’ll be taken care of, you’ll be provided for.”
“We thought we needed money or gold and actually what we needed was wisdom and blessing of the Lord.”
“When we couldn’t get the money, then we turned to heaven for an answer and we began speaking God’s promises into our business. And as we did, the business turned around. Our needs for cash or money were met and we gradually became more and more prosperous.”
“We did everything that we could humanly do to help the business and we allowed Him to provide the backup strength, the backup provision, the backup blessing that we couldn’t provide.”
“We routinely asked for His help.”
“One of the things Jesus said was, ‘If you need something, keep asking. Don’t give up. Keep asking.’”

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