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In the previous episode, we learned about the story of 3 people whose lives were predetermined by God to cross 50 years prior. We also learned about Billy Krieger’s encounter with Mr. Tong which eventually culminated in a touching moment of destiny.

In today’s episode, we talked to another “unwilling” participant that day who responded to God’s call with unconditional obedience. Laurie Ball-Gisch is an artist and sheep farmer from Michigan. Just like Billy, she too had an amazing encounter with Mr. Tong that fateful day.

Listen in as she recounted a beautiful story of salvation and healing, all because she obeyed God’s call unconditionally!

Key Takeaways
03:30 Her thoughts about the war in Vietnam
04:22 The part of the book that made a huge impact on her
06:48 How she felt about the people of Cambodia after reading the book
08:19 How her interaction with the lieutenant went
10:15 How the lieutenant accepted Jesus in his life

“When we talk in the spirit and we’re talking to Him, He knows our hearts so well.”
“He was really weaving the tapestry of all of us that day .”
“I went over to Thailand to see a manifestation of salvation and healing at once, together.”
“We’re blessed when we get to bless others through the Holy Spirit.”

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