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In the worst moments of your life, did it feel like God had abandoned you? Like you were alone? Like Jesus wasn’t there?

The truth is that He was there, even if it didn’t feel like it. God loves you and wants to heal your broken past. That’s what this episode of Limitless Spirit is all about.

Guests Perry and Diane Dodge are licensed psychotherapists who specialize in marriage counseling and a form of Christian counseling they call “healing memories.” By utilizing prayer, reliance on the Holy Spirit, and three “R”s (Root, Remain, Reveal), the Dodges have helped many people find healing from past trauma and change their whole lives.

You’ll hear more about the method of healing prayer, some specific stories of God working through it, and how to know if you might need to have memories healed.

The Dodges have had more than 25,000 client meetings to date, served as column writers for Marriage Magazine, hosted a weekly radio segment called The Marriage Minute, and been featured on NBC, CBS, and BOTT Radio Network. Their education experience includes Harvard University, University of Pennsylvania, and University of Texas.
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2:44 – How the Dodges got interested in counseling as a career

4:28 – What is the concept of “healing memories” through prayer and counseling and the importance of “Root, Remain, and Reveal”

7:49 – The Scriptural foundation for this practice

11:51 – The amazing true story of a woman who went through a traumatic childhood experience and a physical ailment that were both redeemed through healing memories

18:38 – Another story of a man who learned to forgive his parents and love his family

21:54 – More thoughts about this practice, if it can be done without training, and the importance of trusting the Holy Spirit to guide the process

26:36 – “Whom the Son sets free is free indeed”

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