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This episode continues our conversation with Rabbi Kirt Schneider, a Christian Jewish believer, author, and the host of the popular television program “Discovering the Jewish Jesus.”

In this episode, Rabbi Kirt shared 2 more practical steps that can help us take our personal faith to the next level. He also shares profound wisdom and advice on how to deal with fear in mind and soul especially during these trying times.

If you need something bright and encouraging to hold on to and would like some guidance on how to address fear in your heart and mind, this episode is for you!

Key Takeaways

03:02 Practical step to spiritual growth number 2

05:54 Practical step to spiritual growth number 3

07:46 Rabbi Kirt Schneider’s advice to people who are struggling with fear

09:35 Practical ways to deal with fear


“God is already here, right where you’re at right now, right where I’m at right now.”

“To walk in the peace of God, we have to root ourselves in that reality.”

“Whether we feel him or not, we have to affirm the truth that God is here.”

“It’s possible to have peace in our soul and yet still be battling in our minds but what comes first is peace in the soul.”

“The word of God is our standard.”

“Probably close to a hundred percent of the things that you and I are worried about has never happened.”

Learn more about Rabbi Kirt Schneider and check out his newest book here:

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