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“That saved my life. I mean, me being laid off saved my life.”

 From losing her job to finding her greater purpose, Ellen Yao knows that God has been at work in her life. After immigrating from South Korea and growing up in church, surrounded by Christian friends and family, Ellen tried to find her own way and identity as a young adult. But everything she tried, from partying to climbing the corporate ladder, left her feeling empty inside.

 That prompted a desperate prayer from Ellen, asking God to show up and prove He was real. And He did, in a way that Ellen never could have expected. After being laid off, she gave her life to Jesus, went back to school, met her husband, and found herself on an adventure of a lifetime, her very first trip, to Iraq in the middle of war with ISIS. This is an incredible experience you’ll have to hear to believe.

 2:45 – Ellen’s family immigrates to the US from South Korea and converts to Christianity

 6:43 – In college Ellen drifted away from church in pursuit of her own identity and worldview

 10:45 – Ellen gets into “ricing” cars and partying, and then climbs the “corporate ladder” and pursues “stable life”

 12:51 – Ellen’s prayer for God to show up leads to several huge changes in her life

 19:18 – During the war with ISIS in Iraq Ellen feels called by God to go there

 22:43 – Memories of going to Iraq and the launch of her new “life of purpose”

 29:31 –Ellen’s greater purpose in this season

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