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Why does God allow terrible things to happen to people? This is a question even those who are committed to God find hard to answer. Fortunately, in today’s episode we’ll not only hear a story of evil and suffering but also of survival and triumph.

Dr. Inge Auerbarcher is an American chemist of German origin, an inspirational speaker, and a prolific author. She is also a human rights activist and a Holocaust survivor. At 7 years old, she was deported to the Theresienstadt ghetto in Czechoslovakia together with her parents. She was also forced to wear a yellow star that identified her as a Jew.

In this episode, we’ll not only learn about Dr. Auerbarcher’s brave and inspirational journey, we’ll also discover how she turned her yellow star of shame into a real star.

In this Episode:

06:07 Who is Inge Auerbarcher
07:05 How she felt about the people who have hurt her, her loved ones, and her people
09:02 On whether or not she has encountered people who were former Nazis during her travels

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