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The process of having your life changed by Jesus can be instantaneous. But it can also take a little while, too. For many Christians, it’s a mixture of both. And that’s true for today’s guest, Katie Hagstrom.

After her parents got divorced when Katie was about 9 years old, she and her siblings were led to begin a personal relationship with Jesus through a conversation with her dad. That experience gave Katie peace during the trauma of her parents’ divorce.

But a few years later, Katie realized that deep inside she was unhappy, mean, and unloving towards others – not exactly a Christlike attitude for a young Christian woman to have. So, the Lord began the gentle process of helping Katie understand that she could love others because He loved her so much.

Another hurdle for Katie’s faith journey was the fact that she didn’t get to go on a mission trip in high school. She longed to go share the Gospel with people in other cultures, but finances never allowed for it to happen. Years later, in her twenties, Katie tried again to go on a mission trip… and discovered God knew her desire and loved her enough to make it happen.

Katie’s going to share more about all of this on this episode. This is the second installment of our new series, “Changed Lives Change Lives.”

6:35 – The rocky years of going through her parents’ divorce

8:50 – Katie begins her relationship with Jesus

11:15 – Katie is criticized for her sarcastic nature and begins to realize that she didn’t love others or know for sure that God loved her

14:48 – The process of being changed by the fact that God knows and loves His children

17:38 – The backstory of Katie’s interest in missions work

19:30 – Why Katie was never able to go on a mission trip as a young woman

20:11 – The story of Katie getting to finally go on a mission trip and why it reminded her of how much Jesus knows and loves us

25:20 – The hard but good mission trip to Scotland and how Katie got to encourage and influence some young women there

28:07 – God knows our deepest desires and blesses us so that we can be a blessing to others
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