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“I’m really convinced that if we allow ourselves to get in over our heads, that’s when we’ll see more and more of God’s power moving in and through us.”

Jessica Collins was called by God into full time ministry at a young age but had to overcome her own doubts as well as some of the rejection she has experienced as a woman in ministry. Her experience has taught her that if you take risks and step out in faith God proves to be faithful.

Jessica found Jesus through reading a Gideon’s Bible given to her as a child in school in Toronto. At age 10 Jessica prophesied to her divorcing parents the restoration of marriage which came to pass exactly at the time she had predicted.

From there, Jessica grew in her knowledge of, and love for, Jesus and committed herself to a life of ministry as a female pastor, though, she’s faced numerous setbacks and opposition. She’ll share what it’s been like to stay faithful to her calling even when people close to her did not understand or accept her.

As part of our “Changed Lives Change Lives” theme, Jessica shares how she mentors other women and helps bring out the full potential of spiritual giftings. Enjoy the episode!

3:19 – Jessica’s background and parents’ failed marriage led her to a crisis and to the Bible

6:40 – Jessica has a vision and receives a word from God about her parents reconciling and it came true four months later

9:42 – How the rest of Jessica’s family became born-again Christians and were set free from their addictions

12:15 – At age 13, Jessica finds peace after initially being unsure if she’d be able to follow her calling to serve the Lord and be married with kids

14:05 – Jessica’s unique path to getting involved with full-time ministry

16:53 – The struggles of being a female pastor/leader and facing opposition at two different churches

23:03 – What Jessica learned from God and how her relationship with Jesus grew during the challenging times

25:31 – Jessica mentors a quiet, reserved member of her church and helped her unlock and unleash her spiritual gifts for prophecy

30:37 – Jessica’s encouragement for people who are afraid of doing ministry or unsure of what God is calling them to do

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