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Yoga, an activity that many of us learn at the gym or at home, can be a great way to stretch and relax. But its deeply spiritual roots can lead people on a dark road to deception, idol worship, and even demonic torment.

In this episode of the Limitless Spirit Podcast, our host Helen Todd talks with Sunny Garza, who turned to Christ after trying to use yoga to find peace and a sense of safety. Sunny threw herself into the yoga culture as a student, and even went to a yoga retreat in Columbia, trying to fill a hole in her life. While in Columbia, she interacted with a self-proclaimed “reiki healer”, and began to feel demonically tormented shortly after.

You’ll hear Sunny describe the demonic torment she faced, how she found healing and deliverance in Christ, and what she thinks about yoga now.

4:15 – Sunny’s early childhood

8:15 – Seeking spirituality through yoga

10:55 – Interacting with a “reiki healer”

13:08 – Experiencing demon oppression

15:00 – Finding healing and deliverance in Christ

22:05 – Sunny’s thoughts on doing yoga as a Christian

27:45 – A moment from the mission field that stands out to Sunny

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