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We are facing the epidemic of loneliness in the US. 2 in 5 Americans struggle with loneliness. It has a negative effect on our health equal to smoking 15 cigarettes per day. It also feeds the division and the radicalization in our society and therefore poses threat to democracy.

What is the root of loneliness? It is not just the lack of meaningful interaction with others. Loneliness is the by product of the unmet core needs that every individual has. Loneliness is an empty spot in our soul that can only be met by experiencing the fullness of God’s love. The guest in this episode, York Moore believes that the main obstacle to this is the failure to find the right approach or “love language” in the way God communicates His love to you.

York Moore studied philosophy at the University of Michigan, was an atheist and his nick name was “satan” because he persecuted Christians, until he became one. Today he is a speaker, an evangelist and an author of several books. For more information, visit and follow him on social media channels @yorkmoore.


Seen. Known. Loved. By Gary Chapman and York Moore

Blog post by Evan Belosa Loneliness, Radicalization and the Fate of Democracy

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