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God calls each of His children to be generous, good stewards of the things He’s given us.

In the second episode of “The Greater Purpose Series,” entrepreneur and businessman Barry Marks shares an amazing story of how he saw God working when he went to Lake Charles, Louisiana to give away $100,000 in cash to people who had been devastated by Hurricane Laura.

 Now, it wasn’t Barry’s money. But he was still blown away at how he was able to bless other people through a simple act of giving them a $100 bill and praying for them. Barry was also able to lead a young man named Damian to Christ. Since the trip, Barry has been processing how God is calling him to hold his money, time and talents loosely and with the heart of a steward. He also knows more about his greater purpose in life: to help others.

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 2:55 – Barry talks about why he doesn’t want to work himself

5:30 – Why making time for others and their needs is the key to fulfillment

6:25 – The origins of the idea of giving away $100,000 to 1,000 families affected by Hurricane Laura

12:00 – The stories of blessings – Antonio and Damian

16:50 – Barry reflects on being a steward and seeing God multiply His blessing to people beyond just receiving a $100 bill

18:25 – How this experience has changed Barry’s life and his outlook on money, time, and stewardship

21:25 – The connection between missionary work overseas and at home

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