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Nobody likes pain, nobody likes giving something up, nobody likes leaving the comfort zone. But constantly conforming to what is comfortable and familiar can lead us to unhappiness, dissatisfaction and sometimes a crisis.

What happens if we decide instead of avoiding what is uncomfortable embrace it?

Dr Deb Gorton promises that if you are willing to take this chance, the reward is incredibly significant.

Dr. Gorton is a theologian and a psychologist earned PhD in Clinical Psychology from Fuller Graduate School of Psychology and MA in Theology from Fuller Theological Seminary. She recently published a book “Embracing Uncomfortable: Facing Our Fears While Pursuing Our Purpose.”

In this book she warns us that without being challenged we often lose the site of our true identity, compromise our core values and most importantly fail to fulfill our God-given purpose.

Key moments of the interview:

2:24 Dr. Deb shares how a personal tragedy started her on a pursuit of her identity

4:13 Why a person often develops a misguided understanding of self

5:48 Dr. Deb explains the concept of the “comfort myth”

7:00 How do we identify our core values

9:35 Dr. Deb shares how COVID-19 pandemic has helped her focus on what is truly important

12:13 Benefits of learning to embrace the uncomfortable

16:45 Key takeawyas

Quote: “Discomfort for a short period of time helps us create lasting long-term comfort”


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