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Will Afghanistan see peace? How can we effectively pray for the future of this country and its people?

Charles Davidson is a researcher who specializes in civil war and political conflict and is the president of Innovations in Peace Building International. Today, our host Helen Todd discusses the political landscape of Afghanistan, what is the condition of the church in Afghanistan and who could suffer the most under the Taliban regime.

Dr. Charles E. Davidson is the President of Innovations in Peacebuilding International (IPI) which works to creatively accompany peace in war-torn countries. His current professional pursuits with IPI include the economic reintegration of former child soldiers in the Eastern D.R. Congo as well as a peacemaking project in South Kivu. He has also worked and/or researched in Iraq, Afghanistan, Uganda, Burundi, Colombia, Lebanon, Jordan, Tunisia, Indonesia and across Europe.

To find out more about Charles’s work check out the website

4:30 – Charles shares about his life in Afghanistan

7:45  – What do Afghan people really want?

9:29 –  What did the Afghan people think about the US military presence

11:40 –  How can Afghan people move forward towards freedom and stability?

16:36 –  Specific ways Christians can pray for Afghanistan

18:40  – What is the state of Christian Church in Afghanistan

22:00 –  Who is in the greatest danger of suffering from Taliban

26:05 –  How can the US mitigate the negative effect of pulling out its troops

29:55 –  Why should we pray for Muslim leaders

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