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On this new episode of the “Changed Lives Change Lives” series, guest Lou Perez shares his incredible testimony.

Growing up in the streets in a rough area of New York City without much supervision from his father and a mentally ill mom, Lou could have joined a gang or sought relief in drugs. He covered up his pain by being tough and rebellious but deep in his heart there had always been a longing for God.

After picking up a Bible once he stumbled upon a passage of Scripture that scared him into going to church.

Fast forward to 2021, and Lou Perez is a pastor of Destiny Church in Niagara Falls, NY, a host of the Soul2O podcast and a Bible teacher who’s been used by God to change many peoples’ lives – on the mission field, in his church, and in his personal relationships.

In the interview Lou also shares how his transformation helped a “druggie” friend to become a pastor of a megachurch and how on a mission trip to China he was able to lighten the heart of a handicapped fatherless boy. We hope his story will inspire you.

Also, be sure to check out Lou’s podcast here:

2:40 – Info about Lou’s podcast and the goal behind it

4:00 – Rough childhood in the Bronx

6:42 – Lou’s difficult family situation and how it affected him

8:00 – How Lou came to know Jesus and how his life began to change

12:20 – Lou’s journey of becoming an evangelist and pastor

17:20 – Stories of people who Lou was able to have an impact on

19:35 – “Being salt and light” is more than words… it’s being who you are in Christ

20:27 – A group of non-Christian restaurant workers in China was won to Christ by an unintended witness

22:51 – Why God called Lou to go on a self-sponsored trip to China instead of a free trip to Israel

25:35 – The powerful story of Lou encountering a disabled boy
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