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Whether you are a person who possesses the virtue of patience or not, there’s hardly a person in this world who would say they enjoy waiting. Usually waiting is perceived at best as annoyance, and at it’s worst an absolute torture depending on the importance of what you are waiting for.

Yet, waiting is unavoidable in life and for those who study the word of God, it is a very Biblical concept. To be able to get the most out of waiting it is worth digging deeper into why does God make us wait and why is it so hard for us to wait.

My guest today is Brad Baurain, a missionary, a professor at the Moody Bible Institute, and the author of the book “On waiting well”.

In this conversation we talk about the importance of waiting well, the unexpected treasures hidden in the waiting process and some ways we can make the waiting more enjoyable. I will give away a curious hint – complaining is a part of it!

2:40 Why it is important to master the art of waiting?

3:28 Why is it hard for us to wait?

4:27 3 myths and truths about waiting

13:00 The purposes of waiting

15:00 The importance of God’s timing

16:26 The most valuable lesson Brad Baurain has learned about waiting

16:50 The hidden benefits of waiting

20:52 Practical ways to move from enduring waiting to enjoying it

25:30 Enjoying God outside of your expectations

28:44 The main take away for your waiting season

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