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Whether you are facing cancer yourself or have a person in your life who is, cancer can become a test of faith and perhaps the hardest challenge in life. Having resources at hand to answer questions, encourage and offer strength at the weakest moment is incredibly important.
In this episode Helen Todd talks with Deborah Barr, author of the book “Strength for the cancer journey”, a 30 day-devotional to inspire, encourage and comfort a person battling cancer.
The conversation brings up important issues that a cancer patient faces – anger, discouragement, coping with changes in the physical appearance and dealing with negative influences. It also discusses practical and constructive way family members and friends can express their support and love for the cancer patient.
At the end of the interview Helen Todd shares a story of God’s miraculous healing of her friend.
Deborah Barr is a health educator, a speaker and an author. In 2018 her book Grace for the Unexpected journey won the “best Inspirational Book” award at the Digital Book World. It was a devotional for dementia caregivers. Her latest book “Strength for the cancer journey” can be purchased here:
2:45 How cancer can become a turning point in life
5:20 Dealing with stigma of a life-threatening illness
6:22 The “protectors” and “promoters” – how to acquire former and avoid latter
10:21 What to say and not to say to a cancer patient
13:53 Why anger could be good
17:52 Where to draw strength in weak moments
19:07 How gratitude enhances cancer treatments
22:50 Coping with changes in physical appearance
25:00 The hardest part
27:00 The best way to offer help to a cancer patient
28:34 The takeaway
30:28 The testimony of a miracle

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