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In times of crisis, it’s often passionate and fearless volunteers who provide the necessary aid. The Afghan Rescue Crew, a private group of dedicated American Veterans and civilians, are currently fighting to offer that necessary aid in Afghanistan.

This episode, our host Helen Todd interviews Jean Marie Thrower, co-director of Afghan Rescue Crew, or “ARC”. The ARC volunteers to save as many vetted, AT-RISK Afghan allies and Americans left behind in Afghanistan as they can.

Jean Marie talks about the current rescue work at ARC and shares stories of people who have been saved from Afghanistan thanks to the efforts of ARC.

3:05 – What is the Afghan Rescue Crew?

5:05 – Jean Marie explains the causes of the abrupt evacuation from Afghanistan.

7:40 – Who is left behind in Afghanistan, and why are they stuck there?

8:25 – The US Embassy burned thousands of passports.

9:50 – 10,000-15,000 people who should have been evacuated were left behind.

10:25 – The danger that these people are facing under Taliban persecution.

12:10 – Does the Taliban specifically hunt Christians?

15:00  – How the Afghan Rescue Crew helps rescue people from Afghanistan.

20:25 – Jean Marie describes successful rescue missions.

21:10 – How you can help the Afghan Rescue Crew.

25:00 – The future of people rescued from Afghanistan.
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